Tandem is a mobile application that is accessible on both iOS and Android operating systems. It functions as a platform for individuals who are learning a language to establish connections with native speakers. The principal objective of this platform is to enable linguistic interchange among individuals, thereby affording them the opportunity to enhance their language proficiency by engaging in dialogues with proficient speakers. Through the utilisation of text or voice chat, users have the ability to search for appropriate language exchange partners within the application.

Tandem was established in 2014 in Hannover by Arnd Aschentrup, Tobias Dickmeis, and Matthias Kleimann. Subsequently, the company has shifted its central office to Berlin. The application was initially introduced on the iOS platform in 2015, and subsequently, it was released on the Android operating system in 2016. Before the establishment of Tandem, the founders had developed Vive, a mobile-based video chat community that was exclusively accessible to registered members.

The app’s nomenclature “Tandem” and its underlying principle were derived from the Tandem language acquisition approach. In a Tandem language exchange, both participants possess native fluency in the language that the other party wishes to acquire. In order to promote equitable learning opportunities, the dialogue is partitioned between the two languages, thereby facilitating the cultivation and enhancement of the language proficiency of both parties. The Tandem app was backed by Tandem Fundazioa, the entity accountable for the inception of the tandem language learning methodology.

In order to gain membership within the Tandem community, prospective individuals are required to submit an application for evaluation. Tandem adheres to a rigorous moderation protocol that involves a thorough evaluation of each application on an individual basis. Upon being granted membership, individuals are provided with the opportunity to access a varied selection of potential language exchange partners who possess native fluency in the language that the former seeks to acquire. The application offers a range of communication functionalities, including real-time text messaging, voice memos, audio conversations, and video conferencing, facilitating the participation of users in language learning activities through diverse modalities. Moreover, the outcomes of the search for a partner can be customised by applying filters that are based on location, age, and gender inclinations.

Tandem provides a variety of services encompassing language exchange, online tutoring, tandem language learning, and an online learning community. Tandem boasts a diverse selection of language options, facilitating the acquisition of 300 distinct languages. The app’s most frequently used language pairs, listed in descending order of popularity, include English Spanish, Spanish Portuguese, English Chinese, English French, and Chinese Japanese. The aforementioned pairings are indicative of the inclinations of Tandem members who are in search of language partners to accompany them on their linguistic voyage.


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