Have you explored the various language learning applications that are widely used to attain proficiency in your target language? Nevertheless, if anyone continues to experience dissatisfaction, this is the appropriate location to seek resolution. We comprehend your circumstance, hence our dedication to furnishing evaluations of diverse language applications. The focus of this session is to conduct an evaluation of Speechling, an application designed for language acquisition. The features of the aforementioned will be examined, enabling you to ascertain its potential advantages for your language acquisition endeavors.

The language learning application, Speechling, places a significant emphasis on the development of listening skills and accurate pronunciation. The platform provides a range of practise exercises aimed at enhancing one’s proficiency in the aforementioned competencies. Speechling is a valuable tool for honing one’s pronunciation and auditory comprehension skills, however, it does not offer instruction on grammatical concepts or linguistic elucidation.

Speechling is a non-profit mobile application designed for language acquisition, providing courses in ten distinct foreign languages. The Speechling courses are designed to enhance speaking and listening proficiency, primarily through audio-based lessons. Feedback on pronunciation can be obtained from native speakers for the purpose of correction. At present, Speechling provides all-encompassing courses for 10 commonly spoken languages.

The English language is spoken in both the United States and the United Kingdom.


The subject matter pertains to the Spanish language as spoken in both Latin America and Spain.




Russian Korean


The written forms of the Chinese language include both Traditional and Simplified characters. The audio lessons and tutor coaching offered by the Speechling application utilise the immersion method. Consequently, there will be a plethora of occasions for individuals to engage in the practice of oral communication and auditory comprehension in their desired language to the fullest extent feasible. The fundamental process entails engaging in active listening, verbalising thoughts, receiving constructive criticism, and iterating the aforementioned steps.

Speechling provides a range of courses that are customised to suit diverse objectives. The institution offers educational programmes catering to individuals at various levels of proficiency, including novice, intermediate, advanced, and proficient learners. Apart from conventional language courses, Speechling provides specialised courses that concentrate on enhancing vocabulary, conversational abilities, and frequently used expressions. The Speechling Foundations course places emphasis on the enhancement of vocabulary, encompassing the acquisition of tonal variations of nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, and numerals within the chosen language of study. The Speechling Core Curriculum offers a comprehensive language programme that is comparable to other applications. It enables users to select their level of proficiency and modify it as required. Consequently, a substantial quantity of auditory material will be presented to you. In each instructional session, you will be exposed to verbal expressions and statements from a proficient speaker of the language, which you will endeavour to comprehend through written transcriptions. Subsequently, it will be required of you to verbally reiterate the expressions. Prior to proceeding to the subsequent phrase, it is possible to denote whether the task was perceived as effortless or challenging. Nevertheless, that is not the entirety of the matter. The Speechling lessons encompass a diverse range of activities. 

Speechling is regarded as one of the leading language applications currently accessible. In contrast to its counterparts, Speechling utilises the expertise of native speakers rather than depending on speech recognition technology. This significantly increases the likelihood of acquiring accurate pronunciation. Through a commitment to language acquisition with the aid of Speechling, one can approach a state of fluency with great proximity.


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