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The English Language Speech Assistant is an interactive application that has been specifically developed to enhance one’s English pronunciation skills in an enjoyable and captivating manner. ELSA Speak was founded by Vu Van. The genesis of ELSA Speak can be traced back to the educational pursuits of its CEO and co-founder, Vu Van, who departed from Vietnam to undertake an MBA and Masters in Education program at Stanford University. Vu exhibited a high level of confidence in her proficiency in the English lexicon, albeit being aware of her pronounced Vietnamese accent. The artificial intelligence technology of ELSA was developed through the utilisation of voice data obtained from individuals speaking English with diverse accents. The ELSA AI Coach is characterised by a combination of strictness and attentiveness, as it closely monitors and provides reminders when deviations from the intended path occur, while also demonstrating a caring disposition towards the user’s progress.

Compensation will be provided for diligent effort. ELSA is a pioneering speech recognition application that has been developed to assess and provide prompt and comprehensive feedback on both pronunciation and fluency. This feature facilitates prompt identification and acquisition of accurate pronunciation. The proficiency of ELSA is observed to increase on a daily basis. Our personalised English teaching technology has revolutionised the conventional approach to language learning. The AI system undergoes self-evolution and utilises performance and behavioural data analysis to tailor a customised daily curriculum for the user. By subscribing to ELSA Pro, users will be granted unrestricted access to ELSA’s proprietary materials and will be provided with tailored lesson plans on a daily basis by an artificial intelligence coach. A comprehensive analysis report of your pronunciation will be provided to facilitate faster improvement. ELSA Speak is an AI-based application designed to assist businesses in enhancing their English language proficiency by providing speech recognition, pronunciation evaluation, and fluency feedback tools. ELSA provides the ability to speak English with native-like proficiency.

ELSA is a highly effective tool that facilitates not only the ability to speak, but also the ability to speak proficiently. English educators commonly utilise it with all students. ELSA Speak is a highly effective tool for improving one’s pronunciation, particularly for words that may present difficulty in enunciation.ELSA is a pronunciation coaching tool that utilises advanced speech recognition technology to assist individuals in achieving a neutral and globally recognized American accent when speaking English. ELSA Speak comprises a total of nine distinct languages.The ELSA Speak application has been localised into nine languages, which are listed in alphabetical order: English. Hindi.

The advantages of utilizing ELSA speak are outlined as follows: 

Lessons. The platform offers a comprehensive collection of more than 7,100 lessons that are systematically categorized into 22 essential skills required for achieving proficiency in English pronunciation. Additionally, the platform is frequently updated with new lessons.

An experience that is free from advertisements. The value of one’s time is significant.

An in-depth analysis of a speech.

Tailored Learning Plans.

Tracking of progress.

In summary, ELSA, an English Language Speech Assistant, is a mobile application that has been specifically developed to enhance English pronunciation. ELSA was established by Vu Van, and it employs artificial intelligence (AI) technology and voice data obtained from speakers with diverse accents to identify speech patterns exhibited by individuals who are not native English speakers. The AI Coach integrated within the application tracks the advancement of users and furnishes constructive criticism, whereas users are incentivized for their diligent efforts. ELSA provides prompt and comprehensive feedback on pronunciation and fluency, facilitating users in promptly recognizing and acquiring accurate pronunciation. ELSA Pro users have the opportunity to enhance their English speaking abilities through the utilization of customized lesson plans and a comprehensive analysis of their pronunciation. The application has received a commendable rating and is utilized by professionals in the field of English education. ELSA provides a range of benefits to its users, including access to lessons in nine different languages. Additionally, users can enjoy an ad-free experience, detailed speech analysis, customised learning plans, and progress tracking features.

ELSA Speak

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